We are here to show and explain to others

the meaning and doorways to the golden age of Gaia.

Question: Where did the name 1810 Society come from?

Answer:  I only chose the name as it was key in the real beginning of getting the lawyers out of this republic before they destroyed it. I thought it was a catchy name, Buck McCall…

This website and group created by members are about educating ourselves on topics such as NESARA, GAIA, our galactic family, evolution, individual and collective consciousness, thought our Republic as it was meant to be, the creator aspect contained within us all and ascension along with a host of other topics as needed such as where we came from and how we got to where we are now currently.

What the 1810 Society website and Group will not be used for: (important)

The 1810 Society website and it’s Group will not be used as a cesspool for fear porn, negativity or items to draw our collective consciousness to a lower vibration, sometimes however, things do pop up that are negative that must be explained in order to get or to help others to a better, fuller understanding of our individual and collective journey.

Any post that are either negative, fear porn or links posted of such will be promptly deleted, if a member insist on posting these types of post, both the member and their post can and will be removed permanently (no exceptions)

If you like, want or need that type of negative information in your life there are many other avenues, websites and groups to support those habits and needs, the 1810 Society will NOT be used in this manner period.

I think the time has come when we can all move past posting and regurgitating old negative news stories and fear porn, I fully believe it’s now time to start working towards creating our new reality if for no other reason than when the fall of the old system finally arrives that we have something to build upon to replace all the old worn out and dead systems, I say enough with the old, enough with the information of what the old PTW have done, we are all by now well aware of all that crap and it is now time to create, live and be as we were meant to be, so with that said, let us rise our collective consciousness so high that we are able to levitate ourselves to our higher self where all the fun stuff is.

On one another note and I feel the need to say this right up front for everyone and I think both Buck and I can both agree on, either of us should ever be put up on pedestals ever or for any reason, follow and listen sure as this is simply but another means and avenue to help gather information, but once people start putting anyone that they happen to be following up on a pedestal, it more often than not leads everyone involved to problems that were never intended for and this is true for both the leader and the followers alike, So please, do not allow this pedestal building to take form, follow with your heart but discern with your higher self and always.

We have had a lifetime if not many lifetime that taught us to worship others and I believe it is this warship of others that has caused us to almost destroy ourselves throughout the course of our lives, instead, if you’re going to warship anyone, than warship the heavens or GAIA or warship the creator or prime source and while you’re at it, warship yourselves too because you are the creator and without you and your involvement on this grand journey, the rest of us are nothing.

This grand journey that we are all sharing in right now is and always has been a group effort whether or not you understand it, it is because of this that sometimes it becomes necessary where we are forced to hold each other accountable for our actions,  I am not entirely sure anyone of us in this or any other group can be or are above this possibility, we all falter for various reasons from time to time, sometimes it’s our over abundant EGO’s that we let run amuck, sometimes we have a blind spot about certain things and sometimes it’s just plain ole arrogance but whatever the case may be, no one or not many of us are above these basic human traits and this can all happen to anyone of us without warning at any time, the bottom line is that people have a difficult time holding others accountable for their actions while at the same time worshipping others, it’s simply not working, you can’t have it both ways, what should be worshipped if anything at all is simply the TRUTH and this is the one thing I think we can all hold in common, the quest for truth so warship that.

Sometimes we have to agree to disagree and that’s fine as long as each parties with different viewpoints can be heard and at the very least considered and respected while the integrity of our common goals and mission remain intact, so please, be mindful of who and why it is your that you might be so willing to warship anyone.   

Thank you!

Mark Whitney

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